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15 Sep 2011

Banner Adds PTC/CPM/PTR/ Trusted

Wellcome good friend a month ago I started like you, and now, I earn 20-30 $/day and my business continue to grow and grow.

First you must have a lot a patience to build your little empire. If you register on at least 10 sites, and give all clicks, every day, you will earn about 2-3 Dollars per day, only with your own clicks. If you play well, buy or rent referrals , you need a lot of them for your business to work well, you will make real money = 20-70 $ a day (need between 1000 - 4000 referrals)

Much better for you is to attract direct referrals (one unic investment and you earn a lot of money from them, always!) - best solution for succeded.

Win time, choose more sites in the same time (10 or more = 2 - 3 $ / day / without referrals) ! Hunt the lazy rented referrals (0 clicks in one week ) and replace them, or you'll lose money!

If you have money to buy or rent referrals and investment, then True Money will come then much quicker to you (less than 1 month)

For your patience and time you will be rewarded.

Choose only sites with instant payment or many active members online and direct referrals to buy from site, and of course evidence of actual payment.

Avoid scam sites!

Neobux is the most trusted PTC ! Begin with him for a good practice !
But before you go to that site you must have the first online transaction here : 

1.  Clik here :

2.  Clik here :

Easy way to receive referrals is by :
after you sign up to these sites you can do referrals to your online friends either via email, face book, or by making the site

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