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16 Sep 2011

Website lmgtfy/Otherwise known as Let me Google that for you

As tech’s we always get questions about “How do I”…”Where can I”….and so on. This always comes from family and friends (or clients who are trying to do something on their home pc) and most of the questions would have simple answers if they would just do an online search.

This is where LMGTFY (Let me Google that for you) comes in ( ). It allows the more experience users to educate others on how to use an Online search (Believe it or not there has to be people out there who don’t know, because if they did I wouldn’t be getting half the questions I do).
All you need to do is from the LMGTFY page

1. Type the question they just asked you

2. Click on the Google Search

3. Copy the link in the middle of the page and send that link back to the person who asked you the question.

When they get that link and click on it they get the following

Video Demo LMGTFY
As the video shows, the LMGTFY site opens and automatically types in the search term for the person and then clicks on the Google search button (also has a short message of “Was that so Hard”) and then the person who asked the question gets a full list of Google results that will hopefully educate them. so that they can look up their own questions in the future.
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